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New Age Psychic Shop Chicago Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Cards are a strong tool to help tap into your energy and the energy of those around you. They are very accurate in terms of your past, present, and future. At Psychic Readings & Chakra Balancing by Vivian, we use Tarot Cards to answer questions about life, love and your career. Our knowledge of astrology, numerology, basic psychology and parapsychology add invaluable insights to our innate abilities.

Based in Chicago, Psychic Readings & Chakra Balancing by Vivian has been performing Tarot Card readings for clients throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Blessed with psychic abilities, your spiritual consultant has the vision to help change the lives of thousands, guiding them to their true destiny! If you’re not sure what you need you’re welcome to call or come in any time. We are available for readings over the phone 24/7 and also offer party and event packages.

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