Psychic / Intuitive Readings


At Psychic Readings & Chakra Balancing by Vivian, we are able to see into your energies on many levels. Our intuitive and mediumship readings allow us to connect with your Spirit and/or loved ones who have passed. During our Psychic Reading, we will evaluate the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical World to see things about you that you yourself are not aware of. Our systematic approach and extraordinary ability to connect with our guests will create memorable moments long after the event has finished.

Based in Chicago, we have been performing psychic readings for clients throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Blessed with the psychic abilities, your spiritual consultant has a vision to help change the lives of thousands, guiding them to their true destiny! If you’re not sure what you need you’re welcome to call or come in any time. We will be happy to guide you. We are available for readings over the phone 24/7 and also offer party and event packages.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides
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